Credit Card Generator

Credit Card Generator
The generator of credit card numbers, offered on this webpage, may come in handy for you. In order to get to know what this generator essentially is and what it could be used for, get to read the following paragraphs.

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What is a Credit Card Generator?

The generator of credit card numbers simply makes up correct combinations of specific bank card numbers. It is needed to note that bank card numbers are not just randomly generated; they have to adhere to certain rules.

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Taking into consideration this, each number of a credit card – regardless how many digits it contains – has 4 constituents: the Major Industry Identifier (MII) that identifies the industry of the company that issued the card, the Issuer Identification Number (IIN) that identifies the company-issuer, the number of the card that is linked to the bank account, and the check digits used to prevent system errors.

Therefore, if any of the given components is specified mistakenly, then such a card number will not be valid. For instance, the number of a Visa credit card should always begin with 4, and the card number that begins with a different digit, but which is set to be a Visa card, will not be valid.

Simply put, the credit card generator takes into account all the given aspects and provides you with a bank card number that complies with all the rules. In such a case, the credit card number that you get by using such a generator will look as any other card number of a specific company. By the way, you are able to specify the credit card number of which company you want to obtain – Visa, MasterCard, Discover Cards, American Express, or any other financial company.

Can I use these Credit Card Numbers?

You have tried to use the credit card generator, and now you have a reasonable question: can I use for some specific purposes? Essentially, no. These credit card numbers are just possible combinations that could – yet they do not – exist. Therefore, you barely can have the use of them any different than for testing purposes. For example, you could try to use it in order to see what type of the credit card number you will obtain when you will decide to turn to a specific financial company.

Even though the credit card generator may seem barely useful, there is also another way of applying it, aside from having a look at possible combinations. There are certain online shops that require providing one’s credit card number during the registration process. Most users prefer not to give up their private information (which, in addition, is connected with their money), but instead opt to provide such automatically generated credit card numbers. In such a case, users are able to use the website without restrictions (although not making purchases, as the credit cards with the respective card numbers do not exist), while securing the privacy.

However, the generator provides you with the credit card numbers only for testing purposes.