Credit Card Validator

The credit card validator offers you an opportunity to check whether a particular number of a credit card is valid or invalid. Moreover, you can check whether a theoretical, yet non-existing number in real number is correct or not, i.e. whether such a combination can be suitable for the credit card of your bank.

Credit Card Type Credit Card Number
American Express 371449635398431
Diners Club 30569309025904
Discover 6011111111111117
JCB 3530111333300000
MasterCard 5555555555554444
Visa 4111111111111111

How Credit Card Validator Works

Credit Card Validator

You could wonder: how the validator is able to check whether a particular card number is a valid one if such a credit or debit card does not exist at all? The answer is simple: every card number contains several integral elements that make up a complete number, namely:

  • The first digit serves as the identifier of the industry (the Major Industry Identifier or MII).
  • The first six figures, including the MII, make up the IIN – the Issuer Identification Number – which identifies the company that issued the card.
  • The following figures, until the last one, stand as a card/account number.
  • The last digit is used to check whether the number of the card is real by using a simple formula, known as the Luhn formula.

Thus, the credit card validator is able to recognize a valid credit card number, while separating it from the invalid ones. In addition to that, the validator will help you to find out which company had issued the credit card in case if the credit card number is a valid one.

The last digit in every credit card number is used for recognizing whether it is a number of a real credit/debit card or not. The Luhn formula, known also as the Luhn algorithm or the mod 10 algorithm, is used not only by the financial companies, but also by the governments.

If you have a mistake in the number of a credit card, the credit card validator will show where you have a mistake exactly (in which of the four above mentioned parts).

Is It Safe to Use the Credit Card Validator?

There is no reason to doubt the security of the provided service. All the procedure is carried out in the browser of the user, and the information that was entered for checking is transferred directly to the system. In such a way, this website does not have any access to any personal data that users enter into the application.

However, it would be useful for you to check whether you have the recommended antivirus software and anti-fishing programs installed on your PC, because you endanger the data in case of having viruses on your computer. If you are sure that your PC is “clean”, nonetheless, go ahead and try out the offered credit card application. You can be even calmer regarding the matter of security if you have successfully made purchases online through this PC/laptop and faced no issues thereafter.

This credit card validator is completely safe and free-to-use, and it will help you to get to know whether the number of a credit card is an acting one and other important information regarding the credit & debit card number.